About Sabze Shomal co
This company as an advanced unit in producing medical band & gauze across the country will try to improve and promote its quality of job in order to achieve the first status as an international company . For this purpose the company ‘s management - team are hired persons based on competency , honesty and creativity within the field and use three primarily slogans and objectives of this project : Waste – reducing and preventing dissent material usage, developing and improving personnel’s skills and expertise and eventually increasing clients satisfaction based on the international standard models particular for medical productions ( ISO - 13485 : 2003 + AC : 2007 ) - the management quality system ( ISO - 9001 : 2008 ) and costumes satisfactory assessment system ( ISO 10002 : 2004 ) so that core values of the company will not be jeopardized and ensured on time supplying with high quality and competitive – low price products match with the country and also international standards .